Virtual baby shower ideas

When you were coming up with ideas for your favorite mom-to-be’s baby shower, a global pandemic (and the social distancing that comes with it) was definitely not part of the plan. Though shelter-in-place orders across the country continue to affect everyday events like grocery shopping, marking this major milestone can still happen—and safely, too with a Zoom baby shower

Zoom baby shower ideas

Just because you can’t be there in person doesn’t mean you have to give up the fun little touches that turn a party into an online baby shower to remember. Have your guests take part in the “decor” by asking them to dress up in the mom-to-be’s favorite color. Create a rainbow on-screen by assigning guests to dress a specific color, or embrace the casual feel of a virtual baby shower by having guests “show up” in their favorite pajamas. 

For a more involved theme, organize a virtual tea party. Ask guests to brew up their favorite tea and have their favorite mug ready to show. Or ask them to create a fabulously over-the-top hat. 

Virtual baby shower ideas


Virtual baby showers let you bring friends and family together to celebrate an upcoming bundle of joy, all without leaving home. Though you will need to get a little more creative with your planning before you even send out baby shower invites, everyone is now so used to socializing through Zoom and FaceTime that the biggest learning curve is now no big deal. Plus, clean-up is far easier than it would be in person. The best part, though? Sharing in the excitement of a new life with your favorite people. Read ahead for virtual baby shower ideas and online baby shower ideas to pull it all off in style. 

Add a baby shower Zoom background

Sure, everyone is probably going to be tuning in from their living room, but their backdrop behind them doesn’t have to be. If you’ll be using Zoom for your gathering, have everyone “decorate” their Zoom room with a custom baby shower virtual background. Check out our easy guide to adding your own Zoom baby shower background, here. Need help getting started? Our Personal Design Services team can make a baby shower zoom background to match your baby shower invitation and theme. Just contact us. You can also take the idea one step further with virtual party decor from our friends at Oh Happy Day!.

Zoom baby shower backgroundFree Zoom background and “Pressed Blossoms” by Paperless Post

Add much-needed extras to their virtual shower registry

A baby registry has always been a great way to help parents start this exciting new chapter, but it takes on extra importance during this time of uncertainty. While the mom-to-be likely has her registry filled already, start a secondary registry with comfort items for both parents to show them love during this time of uncertainty. Consider adding essentials like meal delivery services, gift cards to wash-and-fold laundry services, and extra cleaning supplies. Or go for a little everyday indulgence by adding comfy loungewear and beautifully-scented bath and body items to the list. 

You can also offer an interactive, personalized element for guests looking for budget-friendly alternatives to registry gifts (that still feel special) by asking guests to send the parents-to-be a favorite children’s book for the baby’s library

As for timing your gifts, it all depends on whether or not you’d like the parents to open gifts on screen. Ask what their comfort level is, and plan accordingly. If they do want to open gifts on screen, ask guests to time their purchase at least two weeks before the party to allow for any possible shipping delays. 

Tip: The children’s book idea is generally the quickest gift opening to get through. And it provides an opportunity for guests to share a sweet memory about why they chose the specific book. 

Get everyone “socializing” with virtual baby shower game ideas

The best part about a virtual baby shower is just how many special moments from a traditional baby shower can still be part of the day, like party games. Sure, you can’t play classics like “Guess the candy bar in the diaper,” (which might be a good thing). But you can still make virtual baby showers just as fun as their IRL counterparts with virtual baby shower games. Get started with our favorite virtual baby shower games on Zoom: 

Place Your Bets: Have everyone write down their guesses about the baby (eye color, hair color, height, weight, birth date, and time). When the baby arrives, announce the winners with a virtual Sip and See.

Pop Quiz: play trivia with a list of questions about the parent or parents-to-be.

Tour The Crib: If your group isn’t the “game” type, skip the coed baby shower games and have mom or dad give a virtual nursery tour instead.


Other fun virtual baby shower game ideas include Build-a-Baby (ask guests to pick up Play-Doh before the party, then see who can make the funniest “baby”), trivia about the parents, and a true classic, guess-the-belly-size. Just have everyone write their estimates on an index card, then hold them up as mom measures.

When it comes to games, virtual baby shower prizes need a little extra planning. Note the winners and send them each an e-gift card to their favorite online shop, an e-gift certificate to their favorite take-out place, or an inexpensive bottle from a wine delivery service. 

Looking for an interactive alternative to games and coordinating virtual baby shower prizes? Ask the mom-to-be ahead of time if she’d like to give a nursery tour. Or have guests give their input on what she can pack in her hospital “go” bag. 

Virtual baby shower invitation wording 

After you’ve planned all the elements that will need guest participation and chosen from all the virtual baby shower platforms (like Zoom, Houseparty, Skype, or FaceTime), you’re ready to fill out the invites. And, of course, you’re going to pick one just as beautiful as one you’d send in the mail. Yes, it’s time to skip the virtual baby shower facebook event.

Paperless Post has classic Card invitations and creative Flyer invites specifically designed for virtual baby showers, many of which can match your theme (and Zoom background). You can also turn any cards that aren’t specifically themed to online parties into one for your virtual baby shower. Simply follow this quick tutorial to add the “virtual location” in place of a physical location.

Zoom baby shower invitations with onesies and flowersPastel Onesies” and “Sprout” Flyer by Paperless Post


When you are working on a baby shower invitation, virtual baby shower wording is everything. Include everything we’ve covered here: the details on how guests can be part of the theme, links to any backgrounds to download, a live link for video (add the virtual location in your event details), a registry link, and what guests will need on hand in order to participate in your virtual baby shower games. Making sure all the details are accounted for in your virtual baby shower wording will certainly save you time, cutting down on the back and forth with guests in the days leading up to the party.

Send moments to remember

Taking photos of the event is as easy as taking a screenshot. However, you might miss a moment. The solution? Record your party as it unfolds so you can pause and capture the perfect reaction. The process will depend on which platform you’re using, but for Zoom, simply click “Settings,” then “Recording,” and turn the “Local Recording” option on. 

You can share virtual baby shower photos via Facebook, or email them to guests after the party with a Paperless Post virtual thank you card.

Go beyond the virtual baby shower with these alternatives

A drive by baby shower

Coordinate the date, time, and theme details to have guests drive by the mom-to-be’s house in a surprise parade. Have guests decorate their cars and prep signs with happy messages. Then have the last car park to drop off a few gifts. Let the mom-to-be know ahead of time when to keep an eye out her window. Or set up a viewing spot by hanging a banner on a garage door and setting up a couple outdoor chairs. For another thoughtful surprise to complete your drive by baby shower, coordinate with her favorite bakery for a special delivery. 

Baby shower by mail 

If schedules don’t allow you to get together virtually or from a safe distance, consider a baby shower by mail! Send an invitation asking guests to shower the parents-to-be by mail. Pick a window of time their gifts should arrive. Then attach the couple’s registry link directly to the invitation to make it even easier for guests to participate. 

Virtual gender reveals

Coordinate with the parents-to-be to handle the planning of their gender reveal. This one will be much simpler to coordinate since it’s a surprise for guests! Just choose a fun Paperless Post gender reveal invite, then include the link to the virtual meeting place.

A virtual sip-and-see

If mom prefers to skip the virtual shower in favor of a sip and see party after the baby arrives, a virtual sip-and-see is a perfect way to have a gathering. (And who wouldn’t love to see a sweet newborn on screen?). The planning will be similar to a virtual baby shower, only without the games, and a surprise Champagne delivery from mom’s favorite local wine shop.Zoom sip and see invitation

Sip & See” by Paperless Post


Ready to kick off your own Zoom baby shower? Browse our selection of virtual baby shower invitations. Looking for more theme suggestions? We love woodland baby shower invitations and elephant baby shower invitations.